1 Month Coached Elite Powerlifting Training Cycle

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Programming and Online Coaching



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Individual Video Analysis with Head Coach, Ted O'Neill 

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Founded by Ted O'Neill.

For over 15 years, Diablo Barbell has been creating elite athletes and physical transformations out of people of all ages, body types and experience levels.

Historically an invite only, private gym most notably known as the home to Diablo Barbell Powerlifting Team. Now launching a variety of new programs to reach out into our community and share the high level results with all interested in self betterment. We have multiple avenues to explore if this is the right place for you.

Training here will look a little different than you are used to, all training here - whether our conditioning program, or our lifting team, is PERSONAL TRAINING.

Personal attention and attention to building you into the best version of yourself is our number one priority and we will strive to provide you with an individual training plan that is best suited to your personal goals.


Over 40 Powerlifting Elites (2nd only to Westside Barbell)

All Time Best Masters Co-efficient Men - Dan Varela 815sq, 600bp, 655dl @ 242 60 years old

Top 10 All Time Female Masters Co-efficient Women - Linda Barnes 336sq 192bp 325dl @ 105 60 years old

All Time Open Class World Record Bench Press - Cosette Neely 308lbs @ 105

Only Woman to total Elite in 5 weight classes - Hillary Harper (165, 181, 198, 148, 132)


 Men Women
20+ lifters over 800 squat 6 over 500lb
10 over 900 squat 3 over 450lb
2 over 1000 1 masters 3x BW (Linda Barnes 336@105, 60 years old)
1 masters 4x BW (Cosette Neely 424@105, 40 years old)

Bench Press

 Men Women
25+ over 600 Bench Press 5 over 300
10 over 700
2 over 800


 Men Women
12 over 700 3 over 500
3 over 800

Other Champions

5 MMA World Champions

4 Cesar Gracie (BJJ) Black Belts

3 National Wrestling Champions