• Jennifer Mecham


What does community mean to you? To us it means no man is left behind and we will always do what we need to contribute to your betterment in every way. We expect the same of each of our clients and athletes in their relationship to their teammates.

We know that in moments of stress, this is your moment to step out of your comfort zone, get stronger and grow mentally, emotionally and spiritually, to support each other, be vulnerable and create bonds that last a lifetime and lift you to your higher potential. This is what Diablo looks like stripped of weight. 10’s of thousands of lbs of weights loaned out to our clients at the beginning of and throughout shelter in place to make sure they continue to get stronger. This community has come together in a variety of ways to support each other. We are incredibly proud of the bonds that have been created, the PR’s accomplished, the fat lost, the friendships forged. Often, the perception is that Diablo is the source of strength - that it holds some sort of magic within these walls, in the iron. This is just a physical space, we are just the facilitators, these walls just hold space for you to demonstrate the strength and commitment to self and community you have always had within you. Now is your time to shine and demonstrate what always came from inside you. We’re happy to be a part of it both in the gym and also virtually. Thank you.


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