• Jennifer Mecham

Sara Schiff

Sara Schiff Coming to us from a Crossfit background with the technique and focus to match Sara joined Diablo Barbell in hopes of going much farther. When she joined she showed me a video of her best pull...a hitched 385 with straps. If she was going to really get better there was going to be much work to do. Her first run with the club yielded a 500+ deadlift but the squat and bench lagged behind. The expectation and pressure got to her and she decided to leave the club.

Her second time thru she seemed ready to fully commit and in short order was back to her best lifts. The deadlift continued to improve as did the squat and bench but not nearly as fast. She did make an Elite total in a 3 lift meet but sometimes you have to know where you can have your greatest success so I decided to de-emphasize the squat and bench in Sara's training. A big squat, or at least a squat matching her pull wasn't going to happen. Squatting tended to flare up her knees and get in her head too much. With her knees already showing a lot of wear and being a masters lifter we couldn't waste any time or effort on something that was potentially creating more of a set back. It was just going to compromise the potential in the deadlift.

She set her sights on a big 600lb pull at the Women's Pro Am. She had a few close calls with that weight in training so the lift wasn't out of the question. 565 was made which was good enough for a Top Ten lift in the SHW division. Next up her goal of 600. She got it moving but wasn't able to complete the lift on that day. Shortly after that meet Sara decided to leave Diablo again. We wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors.


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