• Jennifer Mecham

Ricky Larocca

Ricky Larocca In a world overrun with social media lifting personalities going wild with their #gainz and perpetually in #beastmode, Ricky Larocca provides the starkest possible contrast. It is hard to describe Ricky in a way that would truly do him justice as he is more than "extreme." Let's try to paint this picture, if you were to travel to the farthest reaches of the world (Skull Island comes to mind), and came to a place forgotten by time, a place of savage headhunting cannibals, Ricky would be the biggest one, with the biggest spear with the most scalps and skulls in his room.

I have known Ricky for about 15 years and I will say that without a doubt, there is no one like him. Ricky things aren't normal things. Ricky's training is not something that normal people, or even crazy people, would be able to do. Or should even try to do. I have seen this 300+ lb behemoth train for over 8 hours in a day doing things that almost no one else would even attempt. Try this on, in the picture accompanying this story Ricky is doing a 905 lb old school hack squat (behind the back deadlift). I remember at the time of that lift wondering if there was anyone else alive who could do such a thing.

Ricky suffered an unbelievably bad accident in the Canadian Strongman Pro/Am years ago running with a 2200lb wheelbarrow. Tearing everything apart in his legs he had to endure multiple surgeries before being able to fly back to the US. Adding insult to this massive injury Ricky then developed an ultra rare blood clotting disorder which in the end cost him his leg and has forced him to have over 50 surgeries.

Embodying the proverbial "irresistible force" Ricky continued to train and worked up close to a 700lb deadlift...with one leg. I have seen him do a 635 chain suspended good morning with one leg. There is no stop in this guy. I hope at some point someone is able to chronicle all the crazy Ricky training stories and put it into a book. The iron sports are full of people who fancy themselves as tough guys. Based on my 20+ years doing this I can say without reservation that none will ever be tougher, or more driven than Ricky.


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