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Paige Haberman

Paige Haberman What started as a "day pass" on break from school turned into a great Diablo story. I had received a message from Paige asking if she could come to the gym to get in a workout while she was home from school. Over the years I had a tendency to give way too much away in these situations so I had committed to just letting her come in, use the equipment and be done. Paige comes in and is going thru her squat training and I end up asking if she would like some advice. She is very receptive and eager to learn. And here we go. I am always a sucker for a good student so we begin the process of totally revamping her squat. Then bench, then deadlift. After a few short days at Diablo she has a much better understanding of the lifts and we stay in contact over the next few years. Every time Paige is on break from school she is spending her time at Diablo.

One of the popular fallacies floated out there on the internet and in training circles is that Conjugate doesn't work for unequipped lifters. Paige always made huge strides while training with us and seemingly plateaued a bit when away from Diablo. She learned the system and did her best to put it into practice. I'd help her with her programming, watch video etc. She stayed with it and nearing graduation had been hovering near an elite total. I really wanted to see her break thru and get it. So she picks a meet and the date is set. Time to see if she can make it happen.

I wasn't able to coach in person. I had to do so remotely. We set up a game plan and she stuck to it. Squat 297, good on a 3rd attempt. Bench 160, less than we wanted but still on track. Deadlift, ends up making a nice 358 for an 814 total. Good for Elite at 148 in the unequipped class! I have to say, we were all very proud of Paige. The young girl who had initially walked in on a day pass had transformed into someone else. And, in doing so earned an elite total along the way.

I hope she doesn't mind me sharing this as it was sent as a personal message. I feel it appropriate in this context as outside of the 6 or 8 weeks per year training in person we had to communicate remotely. And, this really sums up my experience in coaching Paige, a diligent, respectful and loyal student who had to earn every bit of it thru hard work. Here is what Paige sent to me following her big day.

"I'm so happy with how this meet turned out! Being at such a lighter bodyweight, I wasn't sure how it would go and I was really scared to get on that platform, but I did and I fought for it, and it ended up being my best meet! I am seriously so grateful for your support. I feel like this was such a huge goal of mine and you played such a huge role in getting me there"

After finishing school Paige landed her dream job in Hawaii. Great job Paige! You will always be a part of, and welcome at Diablo!


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