• Jennifer Mecham

Orry Elor

Orry Elor Brother of Ronny Elor (Diablo Elite Powerlifter, National Wrestling Champion) Orry came to us as a 250lb 15 year old with his focus on becoming a better wrestler. Even though he often had to train in the evening group with the pro athletes and powerlifting team he did a good holding his own and earning respect. I think everyone was intrigued to see how this young man would develop.

So how did it turn out? Orry went on to become one of our champions winning a National Wrestling title! Quite an accomplishment. He was able to leverage that experience and landed at Ohio State to be a part of their wrestling program. After a time at Ohio State he transferred to Northern Michigan University and made a run at the Olympic Trials.

I am happy to report that Orry is currently pursuing a Doctorate program and still has one foot in wrestling as a coach for SF State. Who knows, maybe we will see him back at Diablo someday in the future.


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