• Jennifer Mecham

Misael Peraza

Misael Peraza I remember a few years ago we had a visitor on a Saturday morning. The gym was packed and this guy had come to watch us squat and talk about joining. As we were running the groups through our dynamic effort work I'm looking down this absolute murderer's row of lifters. I think about a dozen had a 2000+ total and everyone of us there were guys who in one way or another knew how to handle themselves. From military, to law enforcement, combat sport backgrounds, a Hell's Angel, everyone was in their own right "legit." And then there was the ultra quite, by life experience comparably soft kid, Miz.

I remember actually laughing out loud when I scanned the floor that morning. There was Miz running the rack as these monsters wedged themselves under the bar and did their work. There was Miz who seemed both incredibly out of place and paradoxically perfectly in place with that group. That moment has stayed in my mind as Miz has outlasted almost all of them. And, not only has he outlasted most of them he cemented his place in Diablo history by becoming our first male lifter to squat 4x bodyweight and total elite in 3 weight classes (165,181,198). He should be nicknamed the Realtor as he has claimed more real estate on the record board than anyone else. He is one meet away from becoming our first male lifter to make a 10x bodyweight total.

When Miz came to us he had made a 405 squat in the gym. He wasn't yet benching even 200 and I think his pull was somewhere in the same range as his squat. As he was a lighter lifter I thought he should go up in bodyweight. So he worked his way up to the 220 class. Not having the success he wanted Miz took initiative and got control of his nutrition and ultimately made his best lifts in the 181 class where he now has a 755 squat, 451 bench and a 622 deadlift. World class lifts and tremendous progress by any standard.

I am as proud of Miz as I am of any Diablo from any era. He walked into Diablo fresh out of college which must have been quite the culture shock. He stayed with it, unfazed by all the personalities that have come and gone over the years. He did what he had to do to improve. He has always been a rock solid and trusted teammate. He is what this gym has always been about, massive transformation. And, no matter where life takes him in the future to me he will always be a Diablo.


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