• Jennifer Mecham

Max Higgins

Max Higgins Back in 2000 at my first powerlifting meet I met this crazy ass 16 year old kid that was going for his first 600lb squat. That day set into motion many events that helped shaped the early years at Diablo. That kid was Max Higgins. Max was part of an up and coming training group out of Santa Barbara that was anchored by the great bencher Ryan Girard and my esteemed colleague and dear friend Bruce Mendoza.

Over the years we competed with and against that group in a very friendly rivalry. I'm not really sure we can even call it a rivalry as we were constantly sharing information and pushing each other to get better. I had the pleasure of watching Max develop and several years later get his first elite total at a Diablo meet. Not long after that time law school took Max out of the powerlifting game.

Fast forward 15ish years and now Max is living close enough to Diablo to actually become a member. This was great for me as this kid and I not only shared a ton of history but he was perfectly suited to be a part of Diablo. I have to say, the years did nothing to dampen Max's enthusiasm for the sport and he dug in and set out to make big lifts once again.

When Max was at his peak some 12 years before he competed in the 308 class and had a 900+ squat. His restart at Diablo had him about 80 lbs light in bodyweight and many hundreds of lbs behind his former glory. After a few short months he was already squatting in the 500s again. He wanted to get back into a meet. For this meet he was supposed to pick his opener and send it with the entry form. He looks at me and says, "what do you think? 804?" Keep in mind he had just made a very difficult 565 in the gym and the meet is 12 weeks out. I say, "perfect, exactly what I was thinking." This is the kind of crazy Max is. When he has his head right he is 110% a powerlifter.

The meet comes and Max makes that 804 squat on a 3rd attempt! What a crazy, gutsy way to get back into competition. Before moving back to So Cal Max went on to make best lifts of 821 sq, 622 bench and 650 deadlift competing as a light 275. A true lifters lifter. We hope to see Max back at Diablo some day.


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