• Jennifer Mecham

Every Rep Matters

Every rep matters.

I remember sitting and watching my mom do home workout videos as a kid. Jane Fonda, Richard Simmons - People were transfixed and inspired by the transformation or beauty of these individuals. It gave them a moment to reset their perspective on their own potential. If they can do it, so can I and right here from my own living room! I can literally sit in my life, copy these basic movements and become someone new. Except what it really became was just copying movements or even just watching sometimes. I’m not trying to throw my mom under the bus here but I’m going to throw my mom under the bus… I remember both of us getting tired at some point and WATCHING the remainder of the video. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. We probably “rewarded” ourselves with cookies after too. Like we would somehow affect change by osmosis? I don’t know.

The same thing happens in gyms across the globe, people meander into the gym, they touch things… pick them up and put them down but never really effect change and are left with an overwhelming feeling that things will never change. Online programming and Instagram have created similar dynamics to the home videos of the 80s. A little tweak, a fast forward, skipping the one you don’t like… every rep matters.

I have clients who have a variety of imbalances -  mimicking the movements of a developed athlete will not only NOT afford them any change, it will get them hurt and thus reaffirm they will never be good enough to change in the first place. That’s what it really comes down to… not spending the time, not spending the money, not spending the effort on one’s self. Not feeling worthy. Your health and wellbeing are directly connected to the amount of time you spend caring for your body. Your healthcare is your nutrition, it is your mental health and it is the state and quality in which your body is able to function - your fitness.

Being in quarantine has presented an interesting challenge. How do we continue to train our clients at the same level we do in the gym? How do we support our members so that they continue to effect change regardless of life circumstance? That’s the goal, right? To demonstrate a high level of fitness (for life) regardless of what is happening around us.

We’ve witnessed a couple of different approaches - the zoomers and the non zoomers. I say this in jest but it’s somewhat true. The non-zoomers have slipped back into their ways of skipping reps, home videos, youtube and frustration. The zoomers show up, like they’re showing up to the gym and are continuing to make PRs, effect change in their body and stay positive about their potential. The non-zoomers, when they’ve reached frustration and made the switch say every time “Man, I wish I was doing this the whole time!”  It is, of course, not the same as being in our world class gym to be doing bodyweight work or working with whatever equipment you have in your gym but every rep, when done right and with the guidance of a trained professional, counts.

We know all of this. We know logically that if I skip the extra 10 lbs my coach tells me to add to the bar, I miss out on potentially thousands of extra lbs lifted over the year. Not to mention the form and corrections associated (and injuries avoided). If you do the math on the % of muscle wasting over a year, the amount of load and effort you put in at the gym (or zoom) with a qualified coach directing you, and the effect on your mental and emotional wellbeing - hiring a qualified online or in-person coach who will watch every rep matters. Your sense of self cannot change when life throws you a curveball, your wellbeing and healthcare should be a priority at all times. Take the opportunities for yourself, set your fears free and become the you you’ve always wanted. Make every effort, every step and every rep matter.

It will be interesting to see how our current dynamic effects the landscape of the wellness industry. As always, our goal will be to equip our members, friends and family with the tools to make them fit for life, to take them to the next level of whatever this beautiful life brings in mind, body and spirit.


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