• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #5 Dayan Neely

Updated: Apr 21

Dayan Neely Part of the original incarnation of Diablo Team 5 Dayan has had two tours of duty with the club. For his first go round he was quickly recruited into the main group and along with Dalen Randa and Charlie Telesco excelled in the most formidable training group ever at Diablo. During the few years of his first run he made a best total of 2070 at 242. Military commitments cut his first run with the club short.

About 5 years removed from his first Diablo tenure Dayan returned to resume his powerlifting career. This time around he built on the success of his early years and made an all time best squat of 881 and a career best deadlift of 750. Neck and hip problems held his training back to a large degree. However, he fought thru and built his bench back to make over 500 again pushing his total to an all time high of over 2100.

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