• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #9 Rob Meulenberg

Updated: Apr 21

Rob Meulenberg MURDERBERG!!! Truly a man of extremes Rob Meulenberg is, I believe, the first and perhaps only man to earn a Pro Qualification in the sports of Powerlifting, Strongman and Highland Games. Currently a Professor at the University of Maine, Rob also has his PhD in Nuclear Physics.

Sometimes a lifter's stats don't tell the whole story and this is a guy who's numbers in powerlifting don't really let you know how strong he is. I believe that after moving to Maine Rob eventually squatted in the 900s , benched in the 600s and deadlifted over 800. Had he been a full time Powerlifter I have always believed he would have been an all time great. Rob's personality was as explosive as his lifting which was a perfect match for Diablo. He was the first lifter that when he moved on from the club I was left wondering how we would fill that void. We will see Rob at the Deadlift Challenge on Alumni Night!

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