• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #7 Jay Hallikainen

Updated: Apr 21

Jay Hallikainen Coming to Diablo with some training experience and one meet under his belt Jay set out to improve upon his best lifts of 455 squat, 335 bench and a 525 deadlift. This was a time when we had a ton of guys (and girls) on the training floor putting up big numbers. In fact, one of the tests in those days was to put new guys with our girls who were squatting in the 500s and see how they would hold up mentally and physically. Jay took to the challenge and quickly became a part of the group.

Where many new lifters would break Jay took to the work. Initially having to correct a massive imbalance in his hips he persevered and pushed his squat from that 400ish starting point to over 800 ultimately making a best of 821. His bench took off from the 300s and he made 600. He became a strong and steady deadlifter making 722 for a solid 2000+ total.

Just as he was really starting to roll life took him on a journey out of state to pursue new interests. After some time off and now competing unequipped he has already totaled over 1800 and projects a 2000 total again in 2019.


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