• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #4 Jeff Irion

Updated: Apr 21

Jeff Irion Over the years Diablo has had several lifters who made their introduction to the club while visiting on spring or winter break from college. Jeff Irion is one of those lifters. A shy, studious young man not fitting the typical Diablo mold, Jeff not only became a regular member once done with school he took it many steps further and became a legitimate powerlifter.

Although he started with very modest lifts by any standards Jeff made tremendous strides in technique which propelled him to his greatest potential. In a short time he went from a barely 300 squat to something in the 600 range. His bench and pull progressed at a similar rate. After several years he had become an excellent technician and in the gym was pushing for an 800 squat, 600 bench and was closing in on a 700 deadlift.

Physically he no longer had any resemblance to the tender child that first walked thru our doors. Diablo has a way of changing people. Often thru the constant pressure, expectation and intensity. As I have always said, "this isn't for everyone. In fact, it's for almost no one." At some point Jeff had enough and moved on but the foundation was built for him to continue to train and compete at an elite level. A tremendous accomplishment for someone who initially thought they would check out a gym on Christmas break.


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