• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #35 Cosette Neely

Updated: Apr 21

Cosette Neely One of our most decorated female competitors. Cosette went from a bench specialist in the 97 lb class to challenging for the all time total record as a 105 lbr. The extra bodyweight allowed her lifts to skyrocket as she went from bests of 225 sq , 220 bench and 259 dl in the 97 lb class to extraordinary lifts of 424 sq, 308 bench and 336 deadlift as a 105 lbr. The 308 bench was an all time world record. Her total puts her at #4 all time. Leading into her last meet as a Diablo the goal was to take the all time total record. Unfortunately she wasn't able to have her best day and leaves a legacy as one of the top 105 in the sport.


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