• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #34 Gregory Springston

Updated: Apr 21

Gregory Springston I think every powerlifting gym should have someone nicknamed Ape. In 2015 Diablo got it's own version. Greg "Ape" Springston had walked into Diablo sometime in 2014, decided he wasn't quite ready and came back in 2015.

On his first day he told me he had made an all time best 415 squat. By the end of that day he had made 465 and he was hooked. Initially starting out at a softish 275 lbs Greg was quickly introduced to our version of conditioning and started packing on the muscle. Soon he was over 300lbs and topped out at 335. The conditioning was a big challenge for him as were some of the more technical aspects of the training. Greg was diligent and made big strides, especially in the squat. In his first year he went from that 465 starting point to 914 and made an elite total in his first meet with us. Always a great teammate and contributor I thought we had finally landed a true heavyweight contender.

A very busy family life, work commitments, a long commute and some nagging injuries derailed Greg's competitive aspirations. And unfortunately, after only a few short years work took Greg out of state. We wish him the best and hope to see him on the platform again someday


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