• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #30 Jim Evans

Updated: Apr 21

Jim Evans A dead ringer for a later years William Shatner (aka Captain Kirk of Star Trek fame) Jim came to us already in his 60s and looking to implement the Westside methods he had been reading about. Unfortunately, by this time his knees were not going to cooperate so we devised a plan to focus on the bench. Surrounded by a group of good young benchers Jim flourished and made huge strides. He had come to Diablo with a lifetime best in the 300's. It wasn't long before that number was in the 400's and soon threatening 500lbs. At the time no man his age was benching in the 500's, Jim was very close to being the first. His biggest challenge was having no leg drive at all due to his ailing knees and hips and translating his strength into the modern bench shirt.

I remember watching Jim make a 425 unequipped floor press in training and having a real sense of urgency to get him in a meet and make his lift official. At age 67 Jim finally made his 500 bench, 507 to be exact. At that time only 3 men on the planet over 60 had benched 500+. One of the other two was Jim's training partner and Diablo Hall of Famer Dan Varela.


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