• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #29 Jerry Wood

Updated: Apr 21

Jerry joined Diablo as he was attempting a career resurgence in powerlifting. In the late 80's Jerry was a force to be reckoned with. At 23 years old he was behind only the late great Dave Pasanella and the legendary Dr Squat Fred Hatfield in the 275 class. That is some top flight company! Although we had our differences during Jerry's tenure at Diablo I always respected Jerry's place in history and his contribution to the club.

And, over time our "differences" lead us to come up with creative ways to beat the crap out of each other. Career best lifts of 804 squat, 551 bench and 683 deadlift cement his place in history and demonstrated his ability to compete across different eras of the sport.

An iron warrior till the end he has endured a multitude of surgeries over the years but continues to train and always has his eye on getting back on the platform.


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