• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #28 Rob Keyes

Updated: Apr 21

Rob Keyes In many ways Rob personified the mid era of Diablo. A super steady and consistent lifter Rob came to us in his late 40's if I'm not mistaken and pushed his all time best lifts to new heights almost immediately. Rob was one of those guys that is imperative to have on the floor when you have a big group. Always showed up, always helped out, always on time, always produced.

After several solid years with the club work took Rob out of state where he landed at the renowned Monster Garage Gym owned by powerlifting legend Eric Marosher. We have been estatic to see Rob's continued progress and development as he has now competed in 4 IPF World Championships yielding 2 world titles and 2 second place finishes. Rob has been competing for well over 20 years now. Way to go Rob! We wish you continued success!

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