• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #27 Ronny Elor

Updated: Apr 21

Ronny Elor At age 17 and after only about a year or so training at Diablo, Ronny made best lifts of 507 squat, 308 bench and 424 deadlift! To join the ranks of our other female elites at such a young age was very impressive. Equally impressive was Ronny's National Wrestling Championship that she earned that same year! She only competed in powerlifting once as she was primarily a wrestler. Ronny never shied away from doing the work. I remember my colleague Bruce Mendoza coming to visit Diablo and he was blown away watching Ronny warm up by dragging 5 plates on the sled for 1/2 mile prior to a bench day. I don't imagine it was easy for a high school girl to train in the evening group at Diablo but she did and emerged as a champion.


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