• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #26 Mario Montalvo

Updated: Apr 21

Mario Montalvo In many ways the underground sport of powerlifting has been built on the backs of guys like Mario Montalvo. Guys who would never be stars but were very strong in their own right. Guys who had "real" jobs and forced their way thru the training and travel meets via the love of the iron. Mario had a very successful career as a Junior competitor and then took some time off. Upon coming to Diablo he recommitted to the sport and had his best run. I remember Mario being a very explosive lifter. He could move everything up to max weights very very quickly. An excellent and committed technician Mario achieved best lifts of 804 squat, 562 bench and 639 deadlift. With the birth of his child, life took Mario to a different path which doesn't leave much time for something as all encompassing as training as a powerlifter. Maybe in a few years we will see Mario back at it as a masters lifter. Time will tell...


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