• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #22 Michelle Watts

Updated: Apr 21

Michelle Watts I want to say that Michelle came to us either as a result of a Diablo seminar or right around the time when we were doing them frequently. Frankly, I don't remember as her stay with Diablo was fairly brief. What I do remember is our first conversation centered around her deadlift and desire to get better. Her first training day she had explained that she had been stuck at a 275 pull in the 123 lb class for over 3 years. Her goal for the year was to finally break 300. That was her primary motivation for joining the club. After watching her pull and making a few corrections she pulled 305 that day. With an additional 3 months of training she pushed that mark to a nice 336 which at the time was an AAU Unequipped open division national record. A proficient bencher as well she made a 1.5x bodyweight bench in training which translated to 176 come meet day. Michelle only competed as a Diablo for 1 or 2 meets, just long enough for her to make the progress necessary to make an Elite total. I believe her best lifts were 259 sq, 176 bench and 336 deadlift in the unequipped 123 class.


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