• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #19 Ken Kim

Updated: Apr 21

Ken Kim A self proclaimed "skinny Asian computer nerd" when he started Ken Kim was more noted for his academic achievements when he came to Diablo than his lifting. Upon arriving at the club Kenny had been training for 6 years using conventional methods. That training had yielded a 215 squat, 185 bench and 305 deadlift. Not too impressive to say the least. But, if anyone was tailor-made for the pressure cooker that is Diablo it was Ken. Where countless others dropped like flies, year after year he flourished. I remember when Kenny started with ushe was thrust into a group of pretty strong lifters. I think all of us on the training floor at that time were either elite qualified or right there on the way. The fact that Kenny came early and stayed late caught my attention. He always found a way to be useful and help out before it was his turn to go under the microscope and get flogged with work. I say go under the microscope as his path toward mastery of the exercises was extremely difficult. He needed huge improvements in form, technique and application of the main lifts. Even as diligent as Kenny was I'd say it still took him about a year before he could even squat 135 with what we would consider effective technique.

As Kenny continued to apply himself the lifts started to come. The deadlift was the first to take off, then the squat and finally the bench which was always his nemesis. So many in this sport have a fast start only to flame out and become internet personalities or simply fade into oblivion. Kenny's was the path less traveled. 7 years after he came to the club he made best lifts of 859 squat, 501 bench and a 700 deadlift. Elite in 2 weights classes...242 and 275. By virtue of his commitment Kenny became an excellent coach in his own right. For many years I have relied on him to indoctrinate the new blood. If you are reading this and you wonder if you could ever make big lifts, if it is anywhere in the field of possibility, know that thru Kenny's example the answer is a resounding YES! My motto is "every problem has a solution." By having so many problems Kenny learned to live in the solution and by doing so has become a living embodiment of the Diablo system and mentality.


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