• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #18 Jesse Burdick

Updated: Apr 21

Jesse Burdick Jesse came to us as an eager young lifter who had been trying to figure out the Conjugate Method on his own with his then training partner (and future Diablo legend) Ken Kim. I remember when Jesse was new to the club he had a 405 high squat, sub 300lb bench and was pulling maybe in the 400s but that changed quickly. I challenged Jesse to gain the weight necessary to fill out his frame and he took to it with full commitment pushing his weight from the 230ish range to over 300lbs within his first year. His lifts skyrocketed as well. Within a few short years he was challenging for a 1000lb squat making a competition best 903 and even bigger lifts in training. His best bench was 562 and he pulled over 700 with a nice 705 pull to win his weight class at a Diablo home meet. As he walked the path to an Elite total and beyond, Jesse found that he enjoyed other aspects of the sport and helping out in a variety of ways. From giving instruction to the newer lifters to becoming a great handler at meets. After leaving Diablo, Jesse began his own coaching career and carved a nice niche for himself in the Strength and Conditioning community.


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