• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #16 David Saldivar

Updated: Apr 21

David Saldivar I still remember receiving an email from this kid in Sunnyvale (over 1.5 hours away from Diablo) asking if he could come to Diablo with his brother. As the story went they both were getting pretty good at the Bench Press but didn't know much about the squat and deadlift. What started with one email becomes a story about 2 of our Elite lifters. David came to Diablo with a 335 bench,and a nothing squat and deadlift. In fact, I remember at his first meet he squatted 407, and, if memory serves got his first 500lb bench. David and his brother John eventually moved to the area to be closer to the gym. And with their roots now close to their home base David went on to have a great career in the sport. Ultimately making a 903 squat he was also our first 800lb bencher with 805. The deadlift was David's nemesis as he never quite figured it out making a best lift of only 683. Hard to believe as he had a full range bent over style goodmorning of 750!


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