• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #15 Ericka Mahler

Updated: Apr 21

Ericka Mahler

Our first female competitor. Ericka joined Diablo with little to no lifting experience and over the years developed into an elite lifter. Being tall and long limbed isn't typically a recipe for a great squat but Ericka persisted and came very close to making a 500lb squat while at Diablo. Her best lift being an outstanding 473. Vocal and outspoken is one way to describe Ericka. Perhaps some may say aggressive and opinionated. Me, I am going to say persistent above all else. I don't know that Ericka had an easy road in the powerliftng community over the years after leaving Diablo but she stayed with it making some great lifts in the process. Most notably a 300lb unequipped bench.

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