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Elite #14 Garrett Harper

Updated: Apr 21

Garrett Harper

A true Diablo original Garrett helped me run the club in the early years. Garrett, along with Rob Meulenberg, Hayward Blake and Frank Cable were the original core of Diablo back in the "garage days." Garrett had an excellent understanding of the Conjugate Method and was instrumental in helping me coach the early groups and assisted in bringing Diablo to its first commercial facility. Best lifts of 848, 529 and 711 don't entirely tell the story. But as often happens life can get in the way of the sport of powerlifting. Garrett had a fairly early exit from the sport after several years with the club to pursue new career opportunities and grow his own family. Prior to retiring from the sport he was able to attend and compete in several national meets as well as the 2004 WPC world championships.

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