• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #13 Linda Barnes

Updated: Apr 21

Linda Barnes I remember Linda's first visit to Diablo. It was a max effort bench night where many of us were using our bench shirts. Guessing there were over a dozen lifters on the training floor that night, the music is loud, big weights are being lifted everyone is screaming at each other. And there is Linda, all 4'11 100lbs of her patiently waiting to speak with me. Who could have guessed that this petite well dressed lady would end up being one of the greatest women's lightweight Masters lifters of all time! Over her years at Diablo, Linda racked up Open Division National titles in multiple federations and posted an elite total in 3 separate weight classes (97,105,114). At age 60 Linda made her biggest splash with a 336 squat, 192 bench press and 325 deadlift in the 105 class. I remember being relieved at that meet as Linda was one who struggled with the competitive aspect of the sport come meet day. In fact, that 192 bench is still difficult to accept as she had made 245 and had a close miss at 265 in the gym that training cycle. Despite her small stature Linda wasn't shy nor was she afraid to say her part. She always held her own and managed to thrive in the crazy environment that was the early years of Diablo. Linda left Diablo with a top 10 all time Masters total by coefficient.


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