• Jennifer Mecham

Elite #10 Dave Van Brocklin

Updated: Apr 21

Dave Van Brocklin Dave’s career in the sport of Powerlifting spans nearly 50 years! In fact, Dave was involved in one of the first ever powerlifting meets in the late 60’s. A long-time member of Diablo Barbell, Dave received an induction into the USPF Powerlifting Hall of Fame. Dave competed on the world stage numerous times and posted best lifts of: Squat 683, Bench 440 and Deadlift 584. Almost all of Dave’s best lifts were done in the era before powerlifting equipment. Most recently, in 2016, at age 67, Dave benched an outstanding 352 in the unequipped division for a National Record. Over the course of Dave’s career, he as served as a judge, meet director, athlete and coach. In the 10+ years that Dave was at Diablo Barbell, he was one of our most beloved members, sharing his wealth of experience and peculiar sense of humor with all eras of Diablo athletes.


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