• Jennifer Mecham

Dustin Johnson

Dustin Johnson Coming to us after spending some time in his teens at the Cesar Gracie academy and finishing his career as an undefeated amateur boxer Dustin was looking to pursue new challenges. Starting with us he weighed about 170lbs and had about a 300 sq, 265 bench and sub 400 deadlift. Dustin was ideally suited to the expectation and standards set at Diablo. His first focus was becoming a technician in the lifts which presented some challenges to him, especially in the squat. He spent nearly his first year working the squat with his training partner Andrea Vitz (one of our 500+ lb female squatters). That may have broken many lesser men but Dustin has a strong identity and was unfazed. He made steady and consistent progress and was soon working himself into the competitive picture.

A discussion came up recently where I was asked about certain lifters and if they would have been successful in different eras of the club. It was a compelling topic as there are definitely lifters who would have washed out much sooner at different times. Whether that be lack of focus or lack of commitment there are eras of Diablo that would have chewed up and spit out many of those who ended up being a successful product of the system. Dustin is a guy who I think would have thrived in any of the eras. He has the ability to stay focused and balanced even in the face of an extremely busy and physically demanding career. He is also a guy who earns the respect of all those around him. A class act and a valuable addition to any group.

To date Dustin has achieved best lifts of 854 squat, 562 bench and 705 deadlift. Outstanding lifts in the 220 lb class. Now married with a baby on the way I wonder if we will see the 10x bodyweight total out of Dustin or if he will focus on other priorities. Either way, he is someone who in my mind will be a Diablo until the end.


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