• Jennifer Mecham

Andy Buschbom

Andy Buschbom Not many people are wired for a 10+ year run at a place like Diablo but Andy Buschbom is one of them. Originally coming to us as a thin 180 lbr looking to get stronger I told Andy that he would need to gain significant bodyweight to fill out his 6' + frame. Andy told me that he had just spend over a year dropping 100lbs. Undeterred he pressed forward.

I feel that one of the reasons Andy was able to make it so long at Diablo is he always had his teammates in mind. As I was reviewing old video I saw this skinny kid helping at a Diablo meet from the past. I couldn't tell who it was until I finally recognized Andy. Then I remembered. He was only a few weeks into his training at Diablo when we held a meet. He voluntarily spotted and loaded all day. By all day I mean it was 12+ hours of spotting, loading and helping out. And, it wasn't the only time he signed up for that task. This speaks volumes about his character. Anyone who has been doing this for any length of time knows that meets don't happen by themselves and greatness is rarely achieved in a vacuum. Andy was always an exceptional teammate and representative of the club.

As he had broken his back as a kid, squatting was a difficult proposition. Oddly enough, deadlifting was not and that is where he found his initial success. Soon he became interested in Strongman competition and joined the Diablo Strongman group anchored by Rob Meulenberg and Ricky Larocca. This was a great move for Andy as not only did he make tremendous progress, but here he met his wife and future mother of his children Natalie Buschbom. To this day these two are a great pair.

Just as Andy was gaining momentum on the amateur strongman scene he blew his ACL apart on an overhead log press in competition. A serious set back for anyone. Andy was diligent with his rehab and over time made a full comeback. This also set the stage for him to pursue powerlifting as his primary strength sport.

As steady as they come in the gym, Andy chipped away and achieved career best lifts of 854 squat, 584 bench and 744 deadlift. Now calling New Mexico home, Andy will always be remembered as a great Diablo lifter and teammate.


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