• Jennifer Mecham

Amanda Lucas

Amanda Lucas Outside of myself there is only one other person who has been witness to every member coming thru Diablo's doors over the course of the last 13 years (our tenure in our current spot). That person is our neighbor, sometimes trainee and resident handyman Michael Birch. I asked him to share with me his most telling memory of Amanda Lucas. He picked the exact same one that I had already committed to print. Now, Michael is not a Strength Coach or Trainer of any kind. But ask him about ANYONE who has come thru here and he will not only give you a full recount of their time, but a uniquely insightful and accurate one as well. Here is what he relayed to me about Amanda. "I remember one day seeing Amanda going up and down the parking lot in the rain with the prowler loaded with a plate on each side. She just kept going and going, didn't really stop at all between trips. You later told me that she did a full mile with that thing. So a full mile in the rain with the prowler is what I remember most. That to me was really impressive."

If you don't know what the prowler is or have never experienced it as a conditioning tool than suffice to say that a mile in the rain with a loaded prowler (as a warm up!) is quite an impressive feat. I'd venture to say that not many highly conditioned athletes would even try such a thing. That one story really summarizes Amanda's time at Diablo. She was a really hard worker who always got after it and put the effort in. I can't say that I ever heard her complain.

Jumping into a sport like MMA is no small feat either for someone who didn't have any combat sports background. I remember Amanda taking what could have been considered a fairly lopsided beating in her first pro fight. Where many would have packed it in and moved on to the next challenge she stuck it out. In fact that was her only professional loss as she won her next 5 fights in a row ultimately capturing the DEEP Japan World Title!

In MMA Amanda had the nickname "Powerhouse" which was accurate. Even though we didn't focus solely on strength as that wasn't the primary goal she built up to the point of being close to a 400lb squat and deadlift. Outstanding numbers considering she wasn't training as a powerlifter and often had to endure multiple trainings per day as part of her MMA regimen. Amanda and her Husband Jay (also a Diablo Elite) ended up moving out of state. To this day, I frequently use her as an example for the newer women who join the gym as someone who by virtue of hard work and determination carved her own path and left a legacy of accomplishments.


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