How it works:

There are no membership fees and no personal training fees at Diablo... every person here gets personalized training in a group setting. Whether you are starting from square one, rehabilitating an injury or a professional athlete (and everything in between), your transformation is our priority and your personalized training plan will be addressed accordingly. Our team of elite trainers and Dr. Andrea Vitz meet weekly to discuss each person's goals and progress to insure each individual is getting exactly what they need. 

On our schedule, you will see "classes" - we prefer to call them waves. A "wave" is a group of individuals that enter their training at the same time to facilitate their own personal goal with the benefit of a supportive training group. 

As you enter the club, you will be given your appropriate warm up to be completed with your wave. Once completed, you will be directed to one of our 4-5 trainers on the floor based on your overall goals and daily goal, to be appropriately matched with their specialty. 

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