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Back Health

...Like nowhere else. 

-Heal within a community of awesome people.

-Get support with psychology of injury and recovery.

-Attain REAL STRENGTH around your weakest points. 

-Learn to neurologically reprogram your body from hurt to healed. 

All areas of discomfort, deformity or debilitation can be overcome with straight-forward communication, support and adherence to a complex yet individual plan. All injuries welcome for pre-rehab consultation with onsite chiropractor (Elite Powerlifter who actually rehabbed her own massive spinal injury at Diablo Barbell)

"We get results because we don't accept the alternative." - Dr. Vitz

Beginner's Powerlifting 

Taught and designed by high level trainers and doctor supervised, this back health class incorporates all the necessities for decreasing pain and increasing function in daily life. (Neck/shoulder too)

This program goes in depth into the concepts of technique, exercise selection, volume and loading parameters and the use of special exercises to develop special strength qualities. Ideally suited for those with a 2x bodyweight squat/deadlift (or less) or a 1.5x bodyweight bench press (or less). This is the perfect program for anyone who wants to learn the lifts correctly, use the power lifts as an adjunct to their current program or wants to see if the sport of powerlifting may be for them.

Conditioning - Indoor/Outdoor and Core

Our Indoor/Outdoor and Core program is designed to benefit any level of athlete. From beginner, trying to lose body fat to the professional athlete or Elite powerlifter to increase stamina and General Physical Preparedness. We utilize a variety of indoor and outdoor implements to maximize the use of 45 minutes, either used as a full workout or warm up for our advanced athletes.

Powerlifting Team

Fighting Shape

Self defense is not about being stronger or faster than your attacker.. It’s about being smarter, being aware and not being the victim in the first place! In this new Diablo Barbell class, Coach Jen will mix heavy bag work, basic self defense techniques and bodyweight conditioning to make you stronger, faster AND smarter so NO ONE mistakes you for a victim. 


What To Expect:

  • Women only - sorry guys

  • Learn Combatives - how to properly throw punches and kicks

  • Basic Self Defense - defending against common attacks 

  • Increased Awareness - learn how not to present as a victim and what to look for

  • Conditioning - bodyweight strength training

  • Speed and Agility - learn to be fast on your feet

  • Stress drills - practice your new skills under stress but in a safe environment

Critter's Kids

Have you ever gone to your kid’s practice and watched the coach spend more time with the more "gifted" kids? I have 2 kids. My daughter is 10 and my son is 8. They have been wrestling for over 3 years. In 3 years I've sat and watched a lot of practices. 


I've watched coaches overlook the slow, overweight, and uncoordinated. When coaching young athletes it is so important to not let those kids who are starting behind or falling behind, to think that is where they have to stay. 


Most coaches would rather work with the kids who take to the sport naturally, because it's easier for them as coaches. Some coaches may not have the time to teach a less athletic kid the basic skills needed to perform the exercises. If they are slowing down practice, they are normally told go to the back of the line or quit the program. I am not like other youth athlete coaches, I want the challenge! I make athletes out of every type of kid. 


Watching a child come up from not being able to do basic movements, to performing a squat, push up, and being able to push themselves to a degree they never though possible is an amazing process to watch.


“Critter’s Kids” is a youth fitness group at the well-known Diablo Barbell. This class is coached by me. Stephen Bartlett aka “Critter”. I am a pro-elite Powerlifter, wrestling coach, lifelong athlete, youth fitness coach and most importantly a certified Father. It is all about bringing up the one’s who need to be brought up and enhancing the athleticism of those who took to sports naturally, making them all stand out amongst their peers. 


By not letting your child fall behind, will build confidence in that child. It will teach them to be accountable and to finish what they start. Diablo Barbell is much more than getting physically stronger it's about becoming a better human. Bring your kids to me no matter what their level of athleticism. I will ask them to give me their best and I will give them the best that I can give. Let’s give our children a jumpstart on becoming better humans!