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Back Health

...Like nowhere else. 

-Heal within a community of awesome people.

-Get support with psychology of injury and recovery.

-Attain REAL STRENGTH around your weakest points. 

-Learn to neurologically reprogram your body from hurt to healed. 

All areas of discomfort, deformity or debilitation can be overcome with straight-forward communication, support and adherence to a complex yet individual plan. All injuries welcome for pre-rehab consultation with onsite chiropractor (Elite Powerlifter who actually rehabbed her own massive spinal injury at Diablo Barbell)

"We get results because we don't accept the alternative." - Dr. Vitz

Beginner's Powerlifting 

Taught and designed by high level trainers and doctor supervised, this back health class incorporates all the necessities for decreasing pain and increasing function in daily life. (Neck/shoulder too)

This program goes in depth into the concepts of technique, exercise selection, volume and loading parameters and the use of special exercises to develop special strength qualities. Ideally suited for those with a 2x bodyweight squat/deadlift (or less) or a 1.5x bodyweight bench press (or less). This is the perfect program for anyone who wants to learn the lifts correctly, use the power lifts as an adjunct to their current program or wants to see if the sport of powerlifting may be for them.

Conditioning - Indoor/Outdoor and Core

Our Indoor/Outdoor and Core program is designed to benefit any level of athlete. From beginner, trying to lose body fat to the professional athlete or Elite powerlifter to increase stamina and General Physical Preparedness. We utilize a variety of indoor and outdoor implements to maximize the use of 45 minutes, either used as a full workout or warm up for our advanced athletes.

Powerlifting Team

Women's Self Defense - coming soon!